Designing a Short Course on IoC: Day 5

The last of this curious series of journal entries today. As I mentioned previously, today is going to be about finalising the end-to-end flow of topics.

I think the first session – Fundamentals – is finished. I’m really excited and even a little nervous about putting together a new container on the fly! As a way of bedding down the terminology, mechanics and challenges, I think it is going to be great.

The layout for the remainder of the day still needs work, so I’d better get stuck into it! Those who’ve already signed up, I’ll see you soon – if you haven’t put your name down yet for either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, this is probably the last reminder you’ll get from me.

  • Stonie

    Hi Nick,

    Enjoyed your Ioc course!… any chance you can share your tiny sheets sample application?
    I wanted to tinker with your task and domain eventing stuff… doesn’t need to be complete or working, just looking for some samples to tweak my memory.


  • G’day – sorry about the delay with this, I should have something up soon.


  • It has taken a little longer than expected 🙂


  • Nancy

    Would it be possible to download or purchase this presentation from somewhere?