A brief update today. Yesterday I think I covered everything I need to as far as demo app material goes, but tidying up, styling and (egads!) unit testing will have to wait for a rainy day.

I spent a fair bit of time yesterday looking at how I can use Whitebox to give an x-ray view of the composition process as the application is built. The information it provides is great - often revealing little issues that would otherwise go unnoticed - but the usability leaves me deeply unsatisfied. Still, it is a start, and by chipping away at it things are improving. Just having a simple view of component details is an improvement:

Whitebox component detail view

Today I’m concentrating on the flow of the day. I still have some questions to answer around the introductory session - how theoretical do we want to get? Does it make sense to examine the problems of composition in OO languages, or can we take that as a given for people interested in learning more about IoC? My tendency in the past would have been to go into depth about this, but by starting with “you’re going to use IoC - here’s how to do it” I think the practical side of the Dev Day will be emphasised.