Just a little update to Seq to follow the preview released last week.


Watch events roll by with your feet on the desk - just drop down the little arrow beside the Refresh button and select Auto-refresh on.


The button lights up and new events matching the current query and view will show up as they arrive. Click the button again, or any event, to turn it off.

Retention policies

Less exciting to watch, but worthwhile nonetheless, ‘retention’ rules let you selectively delete events once they reach a specified age.

First, close any active views or queries by clicking the × in their blue title-bars. Then, build a view that selects the events you want deleted:

Debug View

Drop-down the Require button and select Require -> View. Give the view a name, e.g. ‘Debug events’.

Once that’s done, go to the settings area. Retention is the only setting available right now, so you can’t miss it!


Click on the existing policy to edit or delete it. Each policy comprises a view, and the number of days before matching events will be deleted. Policies aren’t applied immediately - it may take 10 minutes or so before you see any effect.

(The inverse approach to this, keeping matched events for a time, would be useful too and is on the radar for a future version.)


Grab the new version from this site.

That’s all for this week!