The eagle-eyed may have already spotted Autofac 2.6.1 lurking in the NuGet feed.

The last release, the venerable 2.5.2, served us very well (maturity is a feature!) and this release adds a little more polish, without any known breaking changes.

  • The ASP.NET MVC integration package gets a bug fix for recursive views, UrlHelper and RequestContext registered by AutofacWebTypesModule, and an explicit method for registering model binders.

  • The WCF integration package gets much improved support for services with InstanceContextMode.Single.

  • A new helper InstancePerOwned() makes it easier to control lifetime when using Owned.

  • Autofac can now be used with .NET Portable Class Libraries (download only on the project site. (The Windows Phone 7 build now uses this configuration too.)

  • Autofac.dll is now clear of any issues found by SecAnnotate.exe.

Extra thanks to Alex and Travis for the majority of these improvements.