More than a month has passed since the last patch release of Autofac 2.4, and enough has changed in trunk to warrant a new one. You can download Autofac 2.4.5 from the project site, or preferably, update your NuGet packages within Visual Studio.

In this release you’ll find:

  • Several bug fixes and improved exception messages

  • Travis and Alex have been busy making the Multi-tenant contrib package work better with the new ASP.NET MVC3 integration

  • The awkward but very useful IContainerAwareComponent introduced in 2.4 has been deprecated and morphed into a much friendlier and more useful Startable implementation

  • Autofac now consistently throws DependencyResolutionException (or a subclass) whenever fatal errors occur during composition

Please feel free to drop in and share your experiences on the discussion forum. For help with using Autofac, including new features, the preferred medium is Stack Overflow.