Today brings a new build of Autofac, now designated “Release Candidate”.

Autofac 2.1.9 includes the last of the critical changes for a full release. Since 2.1.8:

  • Many bug fixes and small usability enhancements

  • BeginLifetimeScope() now allows additional components to be configured for the child scope

  • An AutofacContrib build for both .NET 3.5 and 4.0 is available (AutofacContrib.DynamicProxy2 not yet included)

  • Two new adapters for the zoo:

    • Indexed<TKey,TValue> for dictionary-like dependencies

    • Meta<T> for un-typed metadata, available on .NET 3.5

  • API documentation can be viewed online at (this reflects the .NET 3.5-compatible version.)

Autofac 2.1 RC is now the recommended version for new projects. Please bear with us while the wiki is updated to reflect the new API.

Many thanks are due to the contributors and user community who have made this release possible, as well as my teammates at Readify who have put up with a bombardment of Autofac 2 material in the last few months :)

Get the downloads for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 here.