Welcome to my new blog, perhaps a little more permanent than my last two. If you’re looking for something to read while I work on new content for this site, why don’t you take a walk down memory lane with some of my earlier articles?

Implementing the Specification Pattern with Linq - a great data access pattern for domain-driven .NET applications. Follow up with some really interesting additions from Luke Marshall, Rinat Abdullin, Steven Burman and Fredrik Kalseth.

State Machines in Domain Models - a primer on the Stateless hierarchical state machine framework. The title is a bit vague - Stateless is useful wherever a problem can be modelled in terms of states and transitions. Follow up with a look at the new features in version 2.

Implementing Optional Exports with MEF Stable Composition - if you’re working with the Managed Extensibility Framework, you need to understand Stable Composition (and how to debug it!)

Where does the Container Belong? - in answer to what is becoming an age-old question of IoC container users. Leads in to a discussion on context dependencies, and the foundation for declarative context adapters like Autofac’s generated factories and MEF’s PartCreator.

And I hear you ask… Where is Autofac in all of this? Much of my recent hiatus from writing owes to work on version 2. You can follow progress on the mailing list, or watch a summary of changes evolve. For those not familiar with the project, the introductory article on CodeProject still applies.